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Your Memory Comes to Life Greeting Card

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card

A gift for someone who is grieving a loss of a loved one.

Also see the print/original of this card.


Your Memory Comes to Life

One’s grief can never be matched to another’s grief, as well as the grief you feel for one person and the grief you feel for another.

What is the same for most though, is the idea that you can still speak to the deceased and experience their love, through prayer and smudging.  Burning sage, cedar, or sweet grass creates a line from our world to the spirit world and enables us to interact with our ancestors and loved ones who have passed.  The tell-tale sign is how the smoke from either lifts and stands from the burning and sometimes creates shapes.  It is said that someone is there, listening to your thoughts and prayers, so speak!  Speak with your loved ones, tell them you miss them but hope they are doing well on their journey.  I personally ask them to give me a hug when they can, and usually the next person I interact with gifts me a random hug.  I use this as my chance to feel another hug from my loved one(s).  I also find moments that remind me of their energy when someone speaks to me in a manner that is recognizable, or randomly finding something funny that we would both enjoy.  Looking for the little things helps me realize that those loved ones will always be close by.

Watch over me and keep the fire in the lodge burning; so that when my journey here is done, we will have eternity together.


Artwork by Tokeya Waci U,

Coup Count Designz

Your Memory Comes to Life Greeting Card

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