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"You're Everywhere, Except here..." PRINT

11x17 semi-gloss matte print on 100lb cardstock paper.  Handsigned and numbered __/25

The original is still available


What no one will ever understand is how grief will affect someone, all we can do is understand that grief has affected someone.

We can push our beliefs onto someone who is in mourning that they will see them again, or that their loved one is here with them at all times, and to look for them in the happy things..  But we don’t want to hear that.  I say “we” because we have or will experience this tender emotion, although different, we all just understand it.  In a way, it’s so beautiful and it makes complete sense, but we still want our loved one here.  It’s not that we don’t hear the words of comfort being spoken, we believe them, but sometimes we just want to throw a tantrum and scream out of anger because there is that small feeling that it’s not true.  We long for their touch, their smell, and most of all, their reaction to our choices whether they are good or bad.  We long for them so much, that we swim within the memories that were lived in together, zoning out during times because we have finally found the one thing we needed to get us through our grieving moment.  They are in the words that someone spoke, their voice floats in your head and eventually becomes your inner voice, they are in your choices, they are everywhere…… except the one place we’d like for them to be…. Here…..

"You're Everywhere, Except here..." PRINT

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