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You Make my world Beautiful Greeting Card

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card

A gift to that special mother or son.

“You Make My World Beautiful”

Is this an art piece about how a mother's love is important to a young boy, or how the inspiration of mothering a son changes your view on the world you thought you knew?

Both entities have healthy effects on one another. The boy needs a mother who will show him tender love and the usage of healthy emotions. The mother needs a son to remind her of the little things she may have overlooked in this world, but from the eyes/interests of a boy.

She will raise a strong warrior who will understand the importance of needing emotions and how to express them in a healthy way. Her views on her own father will be instilled within this boy (how to be/ how not to be). But in return, the boy will grow into a man and will at some point care for his mother with the same tender love that she expressed to him when he was little.


"You are appreciated" -Dear Mama, Tupac Shakur


Artwork by Tokeya Waci U,

Coup Count Designz

You Make my world Beautiful Greeting Card

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