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"Uplift and Motivate"

11x17 inch semi-gloss matte print, on 100lb cardstock paper.  Handsigned and Numbered __/25


When you see dancers, you see all the hard work that this one person and their families had put into their outfits.  Each item holds a certain emotion and each movement that is done while dancing is an expression of themselves.  The sway of their fringe, the clang of their bells and jingles, it all carries medicine that radiates from them to the audience.  In return, the audiences’ cheers and applause gives energy and boost to the dancers to dance harder. 

Just like our sacred pipes, herbal medicines, and ornaments that hold spiritual value, we need to take care of these dancers’ spirits.  “Dancing for the people,” isn’t just a goofy saying, but it really is something that every dancer has experienced at least once in their lifetime, and that feeling of being recognized and appreciated is what makes them want to continue.  It is in our indigenous way of life that makes us want to be a beacon of medicine for our people.  We want to help in any way we can with our talents, and there are MANY within Native Country.  If we continue to uplift and motivate one another, the good vibes are always recycled, and will always provide a safe space for those who need healing.


“Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin” (Thank you, All my relations)

"Uplift and Motivate"

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