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Transforming/ Preserving

11x17 semi-gloss matte print on 100lb cardstock paper. Hand signed and numbered ___/30.


"Transforming/ Preserving"

A woman's journey is ever-changing. Some changes are drastic while others are subtle. Her role in this world will mean so much to everyone around her. What she brings with her through every stage in life is the ability to still hold onto what grounds her. Her lineage and belonging to nature, the generations of love, strength and heritage that ties her to many present and the ancestors before her. These are our daughters, our nieces, cousins, aunties, mothers, grandmothers and so forth. They are the pillars of our existence, indigenous to this Earth relaying the compassion and soul of Maka Ina. As long as we cherish and preserve their power, we preserve "food for our soul" for the future.

The ear of corn pictured, is a symbol of  Indigenous roots in what we call the America's.  It is indigenous to these lands and only grew in these lands until colonization. For many indigenous cultures, corn was a staple to our diets and was planted within every crop. Lots of art and praise was given about corn because of that, so often you hear of cultures using corn pollen to pray or having the marbled ears of corn bless their homes, because it was also a sacred symbol to stand tall and strong.

Note the Northern Plains lazy stitch beadwork inlaid into the picture. The gold beads are 24k gold beads in the original.


-A Great gift for new mothers/grandmothers.

-a gift of encouragement.

-a gift for mothers day.

-a gift for someone you cherish that holds tender love for you.

Transforming/ Preserving

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