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The Lance and Shield Buffalo Robe

Approximately 7.5ft x 8.75ft Authentic buffalo Robe.

The hide was harvested in the winter and has all of it's wooly goodness on one side, and the brain tan on the painted side.


The painted side depicts a story of how the "Lance and Shield" dance is portrayed.  If there was a warrior who was being honored for his feats during a battle, then the people would ask that warrior to tell how he fought during that time.  The warrior would plan and converse with the other dancer(s) and stage how they would react to one another during this dance (obviously for safety reasons).  The dancers would dance around circling around each other dancing with a shield and a war lance/ weapon of some sort and when the drumbeat would make a charging kind of beat, the dancer would then charge toward one another, meet in the middle and push off one another with their shields.  Sometimes they will take swings at one another using their weapons to show how they attacked and/or defended.  This would go on until the story was told (usually within 4 "pushups" or "verses").  In modern times, this dance would be showcased at powwows as a means to break a tie within a contest and the dancers would have to dance their own style, while still pretending that they are in battle, pushing off of one another during the charging beats.  This does not mean that they HAVE to have a shield, but if you want to be correct with the lore, then you can choose to have one.


What you see, are two dancers, each adorned with a lance/weapon and shield.  The buffalo hoof tracks show how the two would dance around each other, and the two buffalo that are charging towards one another shows how the dancers would meet in the middle and push off each other with their shields.  The tipi, or triangular designs show that this was done in front of an audience or how it was showcased in front of the people.


You can use this work of art as a bed spread, a floor rug/ center piece, or a wall piece within the living room area of your home.

There is not major upkeep to it except to shake it out or beat out the wooly side of the hide every now and then to get rid of dust bunnies. 

If used at a bed spread, sleeping under it can make the evening toasty, but is also known to give an "airy" feel so that you do not get extremely hot. 

If it is to be used as a floor piece then it would be wise to not have shoes on it unless house shoes, and that there are no animals that will nip or dig at it.

The Lance and Shield Buffalo Robe

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