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"Ripples in Core Memories" ORIGINAL

11x14 inch, antique ledger paper (1885), watercolor paint, acrylic metallic silver paint.


They say that a mother to a son is the son’s first true love, and that the son to the mother is the mother’s hardest love they will ever experience.

What the mothers unknowingly are doing is creating a human being that will love hard, have confidence, and are gentle with actions and words.  You are creating a sanctuary, a place where unconditional love and safety is provided.  This bond is sacred and important to maintain because there is something there that only a mother can bring that a father couldn’t.  We as adults get so caught up in our day-to-day lives providing a safe space that we forget to show our little ones why they can feel safe.  Simple play time and even our “over excitement” to their interests is always good, but if you are given that chance to jump into a puddle with them, then take it.  One day that opportunity won’t be there anymore, but the memory that you did that will forever live within them. 

"Ripples in Core Memories" ORIGINAL

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