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"Protect your Peace" By any means Necessary CARD

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card

A perfect gift for those who are thinking of a special someone.


"Protect your Peace," By Any Means Necessary.


"No one will ever know the violence it took to become this gentle." -Mike Tyson


This quote is both powerful, but also sad to hear/ feel/ or witness of someone.  So many hardships have had to happen in order for someone to feel like they are at peace with themselves. But there is also beauty in this, where someone who has only ever known to fight and survive, is now able to live and just be, especially with the ones they love.

When you've experienced a life like this, your past is like a ravenous wolf, snarling as though they were backed in a corner. Sometimes, that wolf will lash out at you or make you feel like everyone around you has a hidden agenda. And truth about this entity within us, is that it will never go away, we can only give it time and nurture that part of yourself in order for it to finally feel safe. And when you're ready, you give that inner wolf another reason to live by protecting what has made you find this peace and self love.

Protecting your peace, your love, means to avoid those old habits, disregard those who come and bring negativity into your space. Don't allow yourself to let anything that caused your "inner wolf" to go into survival mode. Protecting your peace is not becoming engulfed in the person you once were, but accepting yourself and acknowledging that should the time ever come to when you need to protect it, you already know how to do so.

"Protect your Peace" By any means Necessary CARD

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