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Little Rider

A SUPER strong sticker! Made with a clear coating so that once everything is placed and set, the color pops and is crisp against it's background.

Depicted is a one of the horse riders from the painting the artist called, "Lesss'riiide!" You may find the print of this painting in the "limited edition prints" category. Historically, this is how those who painted on winter counts, rock walls, and tipis. Its so crudely drawn, but nontheless, the understanding of how these images were used in the background has power to us here in the modern day.


-Measures at 3.31"wide x 3.5"tall

-Super strong, once placed and set, the sticker is going to be difficult to peel off

-Place them on feather boxes, laptops, special cases, etc. Once they're on they're on!

-If you put them on your water canteen, do not allow your canteen to soak in water because it may make the sticker bubble. Same with placing your canteen in the dishwasher.

Little Rider

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