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"Kissin, I hope they caught us" CARD

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card

A perfect gift for those who are thinking of a special someone.


The image depicts a couple dancing an Owl dance. An owl dance is similar to a two-step or Rabbit dance, but is not as "social" as that. Similar in movement but with an added backstep after every two forward steps, but different because this dance was specifically for courting or for actual couples. The two-step and rabbit dances can be considered a "couples" dance too but back in the day, the more direct dance for something strictly for couples would be considered an Owl Dance.


The two sets of eagles falling and locked in talons signify the aspect and meaning behind the Owl dance because the eagles are going through a trial to see if they are compatible to mate with for the season. Eagles would go through a various set of tests for one another and if they are able to withstand the trials, then they will be successful in mating. In this case, the "death fall" as most call it, is when the eagles will fly high into the sky, lock talons, then fall towards the Earth. They will fall until they come close to slamming into the ground and then catch themselves. If one bails during the fall then the one who bailed failed the test. When they correct themselves, they then will take turns going limp allowing the other to carry them for periods of time while still in flight and still locked in talons. This is all a test of trust in one another. Who would bail on you when it looks scary. What will you show your partner when the time comes for you to take charge.

Its a beautiful sight to see when two eagles fly together, and in spirit.

"Kissin, I hope they caught us" CARD

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