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Holographic Foo-Buffalo


A SUPER strong sticker!  has a Hologrphic effect making the sticker shine a different way!

The image is taken from our packaging and other various products within the store and finally making it's way into the sticker society.  If you are familiar with Asian temple statues, this image of the buffalo reflects the statue called a "Foo dog" which is a temple guardian that wards off bad spirits from the temple or house that it guards.  As "Pte Oyate", people of the Buffalo nation, we use the buffalo for everything!  The hide and bones are strong enough to build our homes and weapons.  The organs such as the bladder can also be used for water bags when traveling.  With this mindset, the buffalo is like our representation of the Foo dog.


Slap this sticker on your kids lunchbox, a featherbox, powwow suitcase, and other various items you will count coup with!

Holographic Foo-Buffalo

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