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Hokah Hey! Let's Ride!

11x17 semi glossed, matte finished print on 100lb cardstock paper.  Handsigned and numbered __/12


“Hokah Hey” is a phrase used to rally or call attention to the people.  When warriors would get ready to ride out, they would yell, “HOKAH!”  and they would give spirit to themselves.  Basically, describing an adrenaline pump throughout your body and hyping yourself up to do a difficult task.

Nowadays, there is a drum group called, “Hokah Hey” and they sing some awesome songs.  Their songs really do carry out that adrenaline rush and excitement in everyone’s dancing.  This drawing was made in reference to the drum and still carries out the historical meaning of their name.  In today’s time, it’s mostly used when exclaiming with excitement such as: “oh, hell yeah!” “Let’s gooo!” Or “SKODEN!”

Hokah Hey! Let's Ride!

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