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"Hohh'lehh!!!" ORIGINAL

7.5x5.5 Inches, Antique ledger paper, watercolor paint, acrylic white and metallic silver paint.


Inspired from the movie “Friday” and the scene where Craig and Smokey are sitting together hanging out and taking in the scenery and livelihood of their surroundings.  Almost every Native gathering has a moment where you are relaxing and just taking in the surroundings while laughing with your closest buddies.  This is the “feel good” medicine we as indigenous folk crave.  We laugh loudly, we get rowdy, and we get even more hyped when we see drama unfold into action or words.  Many memories of hanging out with friends during breaks at powwows within their camp areas laughing and living good!  My intention for this image and nostalgic memory is to give you, the viewer, some “feel good” medicine when you need it the most.

"Hohh'lehh!!!" ORIGINAL

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