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Dads & Their Boys Series I: Just Like You

11x17 inch semi-glossed, matte finished print on 100lb cardstock paper.  Hand signed and numbered __/30


You held me when I was too weak to hold myself; I watched what you did and you taught me to do it better; Together, we walked through this time in our lives and made me feel safe because I knew you had my back.

My dad was a huge part in my life and was such a positive and loving person while teaching me how to also be strong and tough.  Being a dad myself, I see where his love for me reflects from my son and can recognize the same thoughts and feelings my dad had for me.  My son teaches me to be selfless, to show how tough I can be, but to also show my compassion for life’s simplicity and innocence.  My father was my hero and cheered me to be better than him; now my son has become my hero, because he pushes me to be better for him.  No matter if I’m talking to my son, or my dad, I tell them, “I want to be Just Like You.”

Dads & Their Boys Series I: Just Like You

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