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Daddy's Girl Greeting Card

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card


Fathers with Daughters series 2/5:  Daddy’s Girl

The connection that a father has with his daughter NEEDS to be a strong one because men do not have that special bond that the mother has when the child is being grown within the womb.  The child will always know her mother, but the bond with the father will always have to be physically made and maintained.  As a man, our actions and love is simple but big.  No one can make us curl up and bend backwards like our daughters can.  This is because this small human being has become the puppeteer of our hearts by showing us the true way of feeling emotions that we blocked off for so long.  This is why a man will do anything to protect their princess.

No matter how old she may be, no matter the amount of distance that will come when she spreads her wings and flies to see the world, she will always be “Daddy’s little girl.”


“The feelings mothers have with their sons, is how fathers feel with their daughters.” –Nas


Artwork by Tokeya Waci U,

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Daddy's Girl Greeting Card

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