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Cubone Warrior

A SUPER strong sticker!  Made with a clear coating to make the colors and image pop and crisp against any surface.  There will be no white border along the image once taken off the backing.

Depicted is a Pokemon everyone knows and loves name Cubone, but styled in Coup Count fashion!  Replacing its normal "dinosaur" skull, with a buffalo skull painted with symbols of power and protection, the Cubone is carrying a gunstock warclub.


-Measures at 3.31"wide x 4"tall

-Super strong, once placed and set, the sticker is going to be difficult to peel off

-Place them on feather boxes, laptops, special cases, etc.  Once they're on they're on!

-If you put them on your water canteen, do not allow your canteen to soak in water because it may make the sticker bubble.  Same with placing your canteen in the dishwasher.

Cubone Warrior

Sales Tax Included
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