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Coup Count Designz Buffalo Head logo (Red and Black)

Sized at 2.59" x 4"

This image has once again been created by my great friend and web designer, Ryan Seaborn.  He created this version of the Buffalo Head logo by combining colors from within a painting that was already created by me.  It is an awesome way to show off artistry, color theory and get a close up on the brush strokes of the original images when he does this.  This image originates from the painting called, "To Kill a Demon of Shadow and Flame" (View it in the Limited Edition Prints category).


This sticker comes out clear, meaning that there are white borders when peeled off of the sticker sheet.

Place this sticker on your phone case, quill box, powwow suitcase, or ipad!

Coup Count Designz Buffalo Head logo (Red and Black)

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