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Beaded Magpie

A SUPER strong sticker!  Made with a glittery effect to give it that special Magpie irridescent color shine.

Depicted is a Magpie, with some designs within it.  The saying goes, that if you see magpies around you, then you are in an area where the food is plentiful, and that you have luck on your endeavers.  The magpie represents life, and in one of the most talked about stories amongst Lakota, is a story called the great race!  This race consisted of a contest between the four-legged animals, and the two-legged animals (human beings). The race was put on to see which type would dominate the other.  The magpie hid and slept behind the buffalo's hump and then flew out right as they were close to the finish line.  Had it not been for the Magpie, we would probably be getting hunted by something that we as humans hunt today. 


-Measures at 8.89"wide x 5"tall

-Super strong, once placed and set, the sticker is going to be difficult to peel off

-Place them on feather boxes, laptops, special cases, etc.  Once they're on they're on!

-If you put them on your water canteen, do not allow your canteen to soak in water because it may make the sticker bubble.  Same with placing your canteen in the dishwasher.

Beaded Magpie

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