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Bad Dreams/Strong Prayers D20


This image reflects a Dream Catcher.  Iktomi (Ick-doe-me) the spider was a trickster spirit.  A spirit who wasn't bad but also wasn't necessarily good either.  He created the dream catcher to sift out our dreams; all dreams would get trapped within the web, and once the morning sun would shine, the dreams would get destroyed.  But not all dreams would be destroyed.  The good ones, ones that weren't harmful or scary, are lighter in weight (Because negative thoughts are weigh heavy on the mind) and can easily slide off of the web's threads and release itself from the feathers before the sun appears to destroy them.  This is what is believed to be considered deja vu to most because the dream survived.

If you are a fellow Dungeons& Dragons player, then you will recognize the D20 dice that is in the middle.  In the game, a roll of 20 is a good roll (Strong prayers), but a roll of 1 meant bad things (bad dreams).  I decided to join the two because of the small similarities and the meaning to both. Enjoy the glitter!

Bad Dreams/Strong Prayers D20

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