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Babela on board!

A SUPER strong sticker!  Made with a glittery effect to give it a little more noticeability to the caution!

Depicted is a Baby within a cradle-board.  Native Americans fixed cradle-boards for our children as a means of transportation, safe-sleeping, and "containment."  Today, our children still grow up using these in the beginning stages of their lives!


-Measures at 4.91"wide x 5"tall

-Super strong, once placed and set, the sticker is going to be difficult to peel off

-PERFECT for car window decoration!

-Place them on Powwow suitcases, childrens tablets, baby carriers, etc.  Once they're on they're on!

-If you put them on your water canteen, do not allow your canteen to soak in water because it may make the sticker bubble.  Same with placing your canteen in the dishwasher.

Babela on board!

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