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1 Down, 5 Up

11x17 semi-gloss matte print on 100lb cardstock paper, hand signed and numbered _/15


There is truly an unknown meditation/ healing that is being done while riding a motorcycle that only a rider can attest to.  When you hop onto a bike, you feel all of the power underneath you and feel like you're flying while literally cutting through the air.  When you twist the throttle, you feel the power within the engine hyke up in speed as though you had just drove the horse into a gallop.  It all honestly makes me, a "biker", feel like I am back home with my uncle's horses.  We as Indigenous people are continuously growing, evolving, and adapting our traditions to this modern day living.  Our iron-ponies are the closest to riding the real thing for the urban Natives!

1 Down, 5 Up

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