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Wakiyan (Thunder Bird)

Sized at 4" x 2.72"

This image is of a Thunder bird.  In Lakota, you pronounce it as Wakiyan (Wah-keyn-yahhn).

It was told that this bird was huge and every time it flapped its wings, the sound of thunder clapped, and as it glided across the skies, a trail of lighting would trail off of it's wings.  In many lore, the Thunder bird was a hero to the people and would often help when in great need.  It is said that there used to be a roost for the thunder bird within the Black Hills area of South Dakota.


The sticker comes out clear, meaning that it does not have white borders and clear spots at the bottom of the wings.

Put this sticker on a car window, a feather box, your personal bead box, etc.

Wakiyan (Thunder Bird)

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