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The Things they will Never forget Greeting Card

Card size: 8.5"x 5.5"

Comes with envelope and write up within the card


The Things they will Never Forget

The things that our parents did for us as kids did not show us the true hard work/thought that went into the gestures they showed.

As a kid, when I would grow out of my clothes and dance outfits, my dad would be ready to adorn me with something of his to replace it.  I honestly thought this was the coolest thing because it belonged to him and now it was mine.  That gave me power and encouraged me to do anything.  But it was later that I learned that because he gave me his items, he did not replace it for himself and did not dance.  His happiness was being able to give me his items was knowing that I could use them and continue to have fun and look nice, because he did not have that when he was a kid.  He never asked for anything back, he only asked that I remember to have fun.

When we are shown love like that, we repeat it.


Artwork by Tokeya Waci U,

Coup Count Designz

The Things they will Never forget Greeting Card

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