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Stay Low, Fly High  (Original)

11x17 Antique Ledger paper, Water color paint and pencils, Micron archival ink, liquid chrome paint, size 11 seed beads including 24karat gold beads.


I remember how I was struggling with my depression and one of my good friends said, "stay low, keep your chin up!"

It was a saying that meant something to me in an indigenous sense because as a warrior/ traditional dancer, you danced and moved in a crouched posture that made you stay low so that the enemy couldn't see you while you while you kept and eye out for them.  Just like with any problem ahead of you, stay vigilant, keep a watchful eye!

In a lot of ways, we unconsciously live our everyday lives utilizing our teachings and it helps us get through the tough times. These teachings bring us to our bearings so that we can properly take on the next obstacle.  I always preach that the teachings our grandparents and other elders teach us as young kids are the teachings that we will always return to when we are in a bind.  Any time a situation draws us back, we set ourselves up for the launch by remembering that love and then we fly high and true.


Featured in this ledger, is a mixture of water paint/colored pencils and size 11 seed beads, complimented with 24karat gold beads.  Just another mixture of art techniques to blend together and make a masterpiece about pushing through the hard times.

Stay Low, Fly High (Original)

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