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Shelob, the Ever-Hungry

11x17 semi-gloss matte print, handsigned and numbered __/20


Most Native American Artists revamp their favorite movies with their own cultural twists.  Why?  Maybe because we internally feel that the types of trials that the characters go through were similar within our own  cultural stories.  Maybe it's as simple as just wanting to see more of our people up on the big screen?  And in most Native "nerd" art, you see a lot of Star Wars themed art due to "the force" being compared to our own cultural connections to spirituality and energy around us.

For myself, I just love the simple fact of being able to become lost in a fantasy world where there is obvious good and evil , honor and loyalty, and adventure.

In a lot of our old stories, our people spoke of evil spirits or giant bugs that tried to attack our camps or stop us from achieving a quest.  Making the connections between Indigenious culture and the Tolkien fantasy.

Shelob, the Ever-Hungry

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