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"Send these fell beasts to the Abyss!" Original

18x24 inch Antique ledger paper (1922), watercolor paint, acrylic white/gold/and silver paint.


Another Native pop-art version of Lotr. The scene from the movie where Gandalf rode out to shoo away the Nazgul.

In the book Pippen didn't ride with him.

The staff that the rider is holding is a a crooked bow staff. Only a member of a specific warrior society can hold it, but what was told to me (and how I understood it), was that when a warrior is the carrier of this particular staff, he can rally the rest of the warriors. Their brave deeds that were done to protect the people are recognized at the highest honor. This staff CANNOT be replicated. Like the warbonnet, those who would carry such a thing without proper trials to obtain it would perish or suffer consequences.

As for the drawing, Gandalf was that of which one of the highest beings in Middle Earth, and this was my version of someone who holds this staff.

"Send these fell beasts to the Abyss!" Original

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