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Return from a Kill Dance (Original)

Early 1900's Antique ledger paper, painted with water color paints, archival ink and metallic acryllic paint.


11 inches x 17 inches (Paper), 16 inches x 20 inches (Framed)


Also known as the “scalp dance,” or more commonly known within the powwow world as, “ipsipca” (eep- seep-cha)/ to hop.


Done as a victory dance, the men and women both participated in this dance.  I’ve learned that the reason for the “hop” step within the dance is so that both men and women can dance in unison.  No fancy footwork to one’s own style, just moving together as one, because it took EVERYONE to get to this victory.  When the warriors were getting ready to ride off to battle, the women would line up and dance this way to encourage them to be brave.  When the men returned, the women would meet them the same way as a means to welcome them home.

Return from a Kill Dance (Original)

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