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Prairie DAWG soldier

A SUPER strong sticker!  Depicted is a prairie dog thats dressed like a warrior wearing a buffalo cap.  The word "WOZAPI" is pronounced, "whoa-ZJhh-ah-pee".  Wozapi is a berry pudding or jam that is a delicacy amongst the Lakota and can be placed on frybread, breakfast food, etc.  Its kind of like a strawberry jam or grape jam.


-Measures at 5"wide x 4.56"tall

-Super strong, once placed and set, the sticker is going to be difficult to peel off

-Place them on feather boxes, laptops, special cases, etc.  Once they're on they're on!

-If you put them on your water canteen, do not allow your canteen to soak in water because it may make the sticker bubble.  Same with placing your canteen in the dishwasher.

Prairie DAWG soldier

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