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Modern NDN 1/4: "Young Warriors" (ORIGINAL)

13x9" •antique ledger paper •sai watercolor paint •micron archival ink •prisma colored pencils 

"Storytelling is important; words are medicine; they have the power to take life or give life; words are sacred. They call this oratorship, a lot of our people have a gift for this, and they have the power to move the world. This is an integral role that is crucial for movements. I dont know where I would be if not for the words for the words of who I see as legendary storytellers. It's more than a career, it's a movement." -Wakínyan Skye LaPointe 
These words resonated within me a year ago and I have wajted for facebook memories to bring back the post I had shared of this man. 
The message within these words led me to wonder, "How will you send your children off into this modern world?", "When and where will they find the time for ceremony?" Ceremony can be a number of things but it is mainly establishing a peaceful connection with yourself and the Earth. Whether it's a walk in nature, meditation, or sacrifice through sweat or sundance.
When your children go off, they represent you and your daily actions. Are your actions good or toxic? In order to fix the rest of the world, you start with yourself. Reflect love and peace within your children and they will spread what you teach. Give them identity to who they are and where their bloodlines come from and they will always be strong in their paths. Send them off with love and identity. Use good words, story's and actions to fix the world

Modern NDN 1/4: "Young Warriors" (ORIGINAL)

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